Little Aisha wants to wear the hijab.



Find out how Little Aisha over comes some doubt from her friends.

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What's the story?
Little Aisha embraces her individuality by choosing to wear the hijab. As Aisha embarks on this personal journey, her friends worry that she might change. Through friendship and understanding, Aisha teaches her peers that true identity goes beyond appearances, celebrating the beauty of choice and the power of acceptance. This empowering story encourages young readers to embrace diversity and cherish the uniqueness that makes each person shine.

Size and quality?
Each book is 8.5" x 8.5", making it ideal for bedtime stories and shared reading sessions. Printed on thick, quality paper.

What age is this book for?
This beautifully illustrated book is aimed at children aged 3-5. It can be enjoyed by every boy and girl.

What occasion is best to buy it for?
Our customers tell us it's their go-to personalized gift for just about any occasion. It's a particularly popular gift to celebrate first day in school, as well as a "well done" gift, and a unique first birthday gift.