From Alif for Asad, the lion with the bad hair day, to Yaa for Yarqah, the yellow and green striped caterpillar, you are the star of this exciting and fun adventure!



Learn the Arabic alphabet with help of some friendly animals in the zoo.

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What's the story?
A child goes on a school zoo trip and along the way learns the Arabic alphabet by naming the zoo animals with his class.

Size and quality?
Each book is A4-sized landscape (11.7" x 8.3"), making it ideal for bedtime stories and shared reading sessions. Printed on thick, quality paper.

What age is this book for?
This children's book was written with kids up to 8 years old in mind - but we've found a lot of our customers like to buy it as a newborn gift. The adventurous trip, and fun vocabulary make it the perfect story for growing with. Great for reading aloud, reading together, and eventually reading on their own.

What occasion is best to buy it for?
Our customers tell us it's their go-to personalized gift for just about any occasion. It's a particularly popular gift to celebrate first time starting school, or Quran classes and a unique first birthday gift.