Little Hibba started with a dream of bridging the gap between faith, reading and creativity. Alhamdulillah we are so proud of creating personalised Islamic stories empowering young Muslim children. Little did we know the power of personalisation and how significantly it impacts the growing minds of our young loved ones. Little Hibba receives constant reviews and feedback from parents, guardians and schools on the success of personalised Islamic stories and how it has enriched their children’s and students’ learning experience. Read more about how personalised stories are key to your child’s literacy and self-development success: - Benefit No. 1: Boosts Literacy Skills Personalised books go beyond just having your child’s name in the story, it makes a direct impact on their literacy skills, engagement and reading development. This is supported by The National Literacy Trust which reported that one of its key findings revealed that ‘children spoke more, and for longer, when sh–aring personalised texts, suggesting that these texts supported children’s ability to engage in book talk.’ - Benefit No. 2: Generates Confidence and Creativity Generates Confidence and Creativity Personalised books allow your child to visualise and explore a new realm which they are part of. In Little Hibba’s books your child is presented as a hero, an inquisitor and a champion. This spearheads creativity and imagination which aids in the development of a child’s social, emotional, physical, lingual, and problem-solving skills. All of which are important to develop in early childhood to pave a strong foundation of long term development. - Benefit No. 3: Diversity and Representation Personalised Islamic stories are essential in building and boosting self-worth and identity. Your child can read, visualise and can go on an adventure as a young Muslim child through personalised Islamic stories. Where there is no prejudice or objections to the hijab or race, it empowers positive self-identity in many young Muslim children who may be facing a hostile or Islamophobic environment in their surroundings. - Benefit No 4: Helping kids love Islam! Helping kids love Islam! Creative personalised Islamic stories helps Muslim children enjoy and have fun learning about their religion. Whether it’s reading about the beautiful creations of Allah SWT in our personalised story book about Surah Ar Rahman or a colour in Dua doodle book, there is something entertaining for every Muslim child. - Benefit No. 5: Motivation! Motivation! Motivation! Woohoo, something to take your child of the screen, read and actually motivate them is personalised stories. An article in the Journal of Educational Psychology cited “that personalised elements can increase children’s learning motivation, engagement and aspiration.” All of Little Hibba’s books are uniquely personalised by name and race and will motivate your little learners to explore great adventures!