Gift giving is always a challenge, you don’t know if the other person will like it or if they have that item already. To top it off buying a present for a child is even harder, with their multiple crazes and phases you never know what’s right and what’s wrong! That’s why at Little Hibba our personalised Islamic stories are mainly bought as gifts. We make the whole gift giving process enjoyable, quick and delivered straight to your loved ones door! Here are the top 5 reasons why a Little Hibba personalised Islamic Book makes the perfect gift for any occasion: - Perfect Gift Reason 1: Memorable gift they can treasure forever Toys come and go and usually break, but a good book with the child’s name is a keepsake. Your young gift recipient will likely always reread their personalised story and treasure it. It will be one of the long lasting gifts a child is likely to keep! This is reiterated in new research cited in the New York Post which stated ‘66% of the respondents (in the survey) said they’d be much more likely to remember a heartfelt and personalized gift over something more generic and store-bought.’ - Perfect Gift Reason 2: Suitable for everyone! Personalised books are suitable for everyone as they include the recipient! The name, skin tone and hair colour of the child is all included in Little Hibba’s books. So it’s near impossible that it won’t be perfect for a child that will see an illustrated version of themselves with their name. - Perfect Gift Reason 3: Expression of Love Personalised books not only show how much love you have for the recipient but it also shows how much thought you have put into the gift. It’s easy to pick up a super hero toy or a Barbie or give a football or board game. It’s the ‘thought that counts’ as they say, and with a personalised Islamic book it’s the most considerate gift a child can receive. This is supported by a Vistaprint survey of 2,000 British adults, which revealed that ‘nearly every type of generic gift takes a backseat to gifts perceived as heartfelt and personalised.’ - Perfect Gift Reason 4: Unique A parent’s nightmare at a birthday party is giving the same gift as someone else, and what’s even worse is when you end up giving the gift second as you look like the copycat! There is a slim to nil chance that someone else will give the same personalised book as you. And even more fantastic is that not only will you be giving a unique gift, but you’ll also be unique for giving it compared to the other parents! Win - Win! - Perfect Gift Reason 5: Instilling Islam in children with Aqhlaq and good etiquettes One of the most important reasons to gift a personalised Islamic Little Hibba book is that it installs virtues of manners and also love for the Holy Quran to the recipient. In our Surah Ar Rahman personalised book a child learns the wonders of Allah SWT creations. What better gift to give a child then making them fall in love with the Creator and appreciate His creations. Giving a personalised Islamic gift can even be seen as a form of dawat and a form of Sadaqa Jariya, where your gift has allowed the child to learn, appreciate and enjoy learning about Islam. And the child’s actions and behaviour from what they have learned from the Islamic story can be an ongoing blessing to you.